HI!!! Welcome to the OSDsh home.

OSDsh is a a little program that overlays system information using the 2.0.1 version of the XOSD library. It is released under the GNU GPL.

OSDsh was originally based on osdd but grew out of control as any good beast should, and got some features added, like:

  • It is able to display a clock (based on code from osdclock)
  • Shows the volume levels of the soundcard whenever they change
  • Tells you if you are on-line or off-line, and the time you were connected
  • shows the battery status and
  • Shows any message you want it to.

Aditionally, it understands some kind of commands that let you change the position, font and color of each display individually and start and stop them as needed.

This commands are important because you can pipe a file of commands to it to change every setting on the fly...and that gives us THEMES!!!.

Of course if you dont want to pipe them directly, you can always use the companion programs to do it for you. (osdctl and tkosdshconfig)

osdctl is a little program that reads a command line and tells osdsh to execute the actions you intended.

tkosdshconfig is a Tcl/Tk script that reads and writes "theme" files that can then be loaded to OSDsh thru the -S option of osdctl or tried while you create them.

I also wrote a very little MINI-HOWTO about the configuration of a Multimedia Keyboard without using any daemon, just X and the window manager you already run. OSDsh can be used to display the information of the system when you run a command using the setup I define there.... check it out anyway.

-=Lord Darth Moultak 2002=-
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